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  • Katie Brittle

New Referral Program - Earn a Free Disney World Stay!

Most of you know word of mouth is how we grow best! Last year, we offered gift cards for every referral who booked a vacation with me. We are eternally grateful for everyone who booked with us and look forward to making many more magical dreams come true.

This year, we’re stepping it up a notch. Every referral you send who books ANY vacation or business trip with us will enter you into the following contest. That’s right, it could be a referral for a 2 night stay at a Hilton for work, a honeymoon all-inclusive at Sandals, or a 7-night stay at Disney World! Doesn’t matter where it is, or how long the stay, if your referral books with me you will be qualified to enter in the contest below. This contest will run for 6 months and will include monthly winners as well as a grand prize and second prize winner at the end of the 6 month period.

🏰 Monthly Winners - Each month whoever has sent the most referrals who book will receive a gift card of your choice (GC amount based off total number of bookings)

🏰 Monthly Honorable Mention - Sent over a legit referral but they didn’t book? Get entered to win a $25 gift card of your choice (Disney, Amazon, Universal, you name it!)

🏰 2nd Prize - The person who sends the second-most amount of referrals who book within the 6 month period will win 2 x 3-Day Tickets to Your choice of Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Studios/IOA

Now the one you've all been waiting for....

🏰 Grand Prize - The person who sends the MOST referrals who book any trips with us within the 6 month period, will win a 4-Night Stay including 3-Day Tickets in Disney World, Orlando, FL, for 2 people, valued at over $2500 (flights not included)

Yes, you read that right. If you’re a referral machine you could win a trip to Disney!

✨Rules: Each separate booked trip counts as an entry. Go on a lot of trips but don’t know anyone to refer? You are allowed to refer yourself! The last day to submit referrals will be October 31. And the winners for the grand prize and second prize will be contacted and announced before or by November 15th, 2022. Referrals can be sent to Your referral must mention your first and last name, and you must let us know via email or DM who you referred!

So... who do you know that is traveling soon?

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