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  • Katie Brittle

Universal Announces How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Listen up, all you thrill-seekers and dragon lovers, because we're about to take you on a wild ride through the stunning new world unveiled within the very heart of Universal Orlando Resort. That's right, if you're a fan of high-flying adventures, jaw-dropping spectacles, and the indomitable bond of humans and dragons, then you're in for an absolute treat. Universal has unveiled an epic new chapter in theme park narratives with 'Isle of Berk', an ode to DreamWorks' monumental 'How to Train Your Dragon' series that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Get ready to feel like a true Viking, for this is no ordinary theme park expansion; this is a transformation of fantasy into the astonishing reality of Universal Orlando Resort.

Welcome to Berk – The Crown Jewel of Adventure Isles!

The moment you step into the Isle of Berk through the portal, you will be enveloped by the thrumming energy of the thriving Viking village. You can almost feel the sea breeze on your face and hear the clamor of dragons spiraling through the skies. The attention to detail is impeccable, each nook, and cranny reminiscent of scenes from the beloved films. This is not merely a replication, but a living, breathing extension of the How to Train Your Dragon universe that you can touch, taste, and feel.

Concept of Isle of Berk - Property of Universal Orlando
Concept of Isle of Berk - Property of Universal Orlando

Viking Statues Beckon You for a New Beginning! ☀️

The sight of two colossal Viking statues, standing resolute and proud, overlooking the shimmering lagoon, is just the beginning. This serene yet grandiose scene merely sets the stage for the breathless wonder that lies ahead, including four adrenaline-pumping attractions, a mesmerizing live show, and a myriad of opportunities to mingle with your favorite characters and their incredible dragons.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders – A Coaster Like No Other! ✈️

Experience the pure exhilaration of a 45mph flight, courtesy of Hiccup and his marvelous winged contraption. On Hiccup's Wing Gliders, you'll land up soaring over the vast village, under those Baltic blue waters, and getting close to the very skies that define Berk. Strap in tight, riders – this coaster is a one-way ticket to the pulse-racing excitement that not even a wild Monstrous Nightmare could compete with.

Hiccup's Wing Gliders Universal Orlando Epic Universe How to Train Your Dragon

The Untrainable Dragon – A Live Show for the Ages! 🎶

Fans, brace yourself for this live spectacular that unshackles the dragon-sized mythos of Untrainable. With its catchy tunes, larger-than-life sets, and, of course, the breath-takingly realistic dragons, it’s a show that simply cannot be missed. Join Hiccup and the gang as they face off against the enigmatic Untrainable Dragon in a story that will tug at the heartstrings and ignite the spirit of adventure within every heart that beats for Berk.

The Untrainable Dragon Concept Art - Property of Universal Orlando
The Untrainable Dragon Concept Art - Property of Universal Orlando

Dragon Racer’s Rally – Testing the Newcomer’s Grit! 🏆

Want to prove your mettle as a dragon rider? Dragon Racer's Rally will have you spinning, barrel-rolling, and soaring atop thrillingly realistic dragon-riding trainers. It's not just about speed; it's about that perfect wingbeat of skill as the trainers rise to towering heights of 67 feet, testing the grit and determination of every aspiring Viking. Hold on as the tides of air beneath you surge in an epic rush.

Dragon Racer's Ralley Universal Orlando Epic Universe

Fyre Drill – A Splash-Tastic Adventure! 💦

Welcome to the Fyre Drill, where you’re not just soaking up fun but essential lessons in dragon-catching. Compete against fellow Vikings in this riotous boat battle that’s one part race, one part water fight, and all levels of fun. Mastering the Fyre Drill might just be the best way to seek solace from the Florida sun, all in the quest of becoming the ultimate dragon master!

water play area at Universal Orlando Epic Universe Isle of Berk

Viking Training Camp – Where Young Vikings Grow! 👶

Your junior Viking will feel right at home in this expansive interactive playland. From scaling baby Gronckle dragon climbers to teeter-tottering alongside their beloved Toothless, the Viking Training Camp is an adventure in its own right. It’s more than an attraction; it’s a haven where young hearts learn all there is to know about the ways of the dragon.

viking training camp isle of berk how to train your dragon universal orlando epic universe

Meet the Legends – Hiccup and Toothless, Up Close! 📸

Picture this – you, face-to-face with the legendary Dragon Rider, Hiccup, and his awe-inspiring companion, Toothless. It's not a dream; it’s the Haddock Paddock, the spot where fans get to live that magical moment and capture it forever in a snapshot. And who knows, you might just run into other favorites too, adding that extra dose of excitement to your day!

Dining and Shopping, Viking-style at the Isle of Berk! 🍖🛍️

It's not just the adventures that are larger than life; it's the feasting and shopping, Viking-style! The Isle of Berk invites you to indulge in a veritable feast at Mead Hall, grab a quick bite at the Spit Fyre Grill, quench your thirst at Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel, and more. Then, complete your Berk experience with a treasure trove of themed merchandise – where else can you shop for dragon gear?

mead hall universal orlando resort

mead hall universal orlando resort

Shopping at Isle of Berk Epic Universe

Preparing for the Voyage of a Lifetime! 🌟

The adventure that is Isle of Berk is but a harbinger of the grand plans Universal holds for the future. With offerings that promise to keep the child-like wonder alive in guests of all ages, Universal Orlando Resort is cementing its place as the go-to destination for families in search of the extraordinary. We can also expect to see Universal Orlando releasing more information about the other lands within Epic Universe – The Wizard World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World, and Dark Universe.

Sign me up for that next vacation to Orlando, because 'How To Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk' is the stuff of dreams made reality! This isn’t just a theme park; it's a celebration of storytelling, an homage to the unifying power of delightful narratives, and a homage to the child within all of us, yearning for that slice of magic. And come 2025, it’s where the world will flock for experiences that transcend time and tickle the spirit. Remember, the Isle of Berk beckons – and this is an adventure you simply can't miss. If you would like to get on the waiting list please reach out to!


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